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SIMPLIT certifies that a product is comfortable, intuitive and easy to use.  To obtain this seal, the product or service must undergo an evaluation process which determines among other things, the standards of the product, and submits it for usability testing by actual users.

At the IBV we can also help companies include the end user in the design process, so that their products or services are adapted to meets the needs, in this case, of the elderly.

How can we include the users to ensure that a product is adapted to suit them?

A product design process focussing on the participation of elderly people includes several stages, among which of particular note are:

1. Strategic Definition.

The aim of this stage is to examine how elderly people interact with the product. By applying the methods of inquiry and brainstorming, any problems come to light, as do any needs and/or requirements that exist to adapt the product to the elderly.  This allows us to understand exactly which characteristics the products need to be endowed with so that they can be used easily by this segment of the population.


2. Conceptual definition.

At this stage, the aim is to incorporate general and variable design criteria that the elderly deem most appropriate.  For this, methods of selection and prioritizing are used. This will guarantee the acceptance of the product and, consequently, greater market success.

3. Detailed development.

Developing functioning prototypes allows us to identify and evaluate the characteristics of the products through inspection and validation. The characteristics and features are observed, and any possible faults in the future product can be anticipated before moving on to the production stage, when even a tiny change can have serious economic consequences.

4. Retail launch.

The status of the product on the market is evaluated by applying certain evaluation methods and identifying the characteristics that the elderly perceive, along with their level of satisfaction. The evaluation process for the SIMPLIT seal takes place prior to the product’s retail launch. This way we promote the participation of the elderly in the design process, not only in the final validation of the SIMPLIT seal, but also at each stage of the design process, ensuring that the product is better adapted to suit the user.

Companies interested in obtaining SIMPLIT certification can ask for more information from the IBV Customer Service:

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